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Idées Sorties

The Tour of Gérardmer's Lake

What's better than going around Lake Gérardmer when you come to the region?

At the foot of the Manor, you just have to cross the road on the passages provided for this occasion to join the official path which goes around the Lake.

It will take you 1h30 to complete the 5 kilometers of the Tour du Lac de Gérardmer.

This family outing can last much longer, because you can find different spots to swim in the lake in summer, for example.

This tour of the lake can be done alone, in pairs or with the family, at a pace that suits everyone.

And if 5 kilometers can seem scary on paper - a promise for regular visitors - the walk is done without noticing the time passing.

NOTE: this health walk is marked! Impossible to get lost along the way.

When leaving the Manor, you will go on your right, as if leaving the town.

A few meters away, you can go down to the banks of the lake and discover an isolated place where ducks bathe among water lilies.

As you continue your walk, it is very possible that you will come across onlookers in beach clothes, sitting on fresh grass.

It's time for swimming.

You will pass near the Lido and your walk will continue in a new setting: an enchanted forest!

The roots of giant pine trees emerge from the ground to form a path with the rocks.

Your walk now looks like a little adventurer's journey.

Rest assured, all ages meet on this magical path.

Leaving this timeless setting, you will walk alongside the lake campsite. This is when you will enter a new world: Gérardmer in his sporting cocoon.

Around you :

- The nautical base

- The Tennis Club

- The Gérardmer ice rink and swimming pool

We might as well tell you that here, you will come across Gerômois on the loose.

The reason: the ice cream stands and other huts filled with delicious things to eat.

Your walk will end on "the promenade des Anglais", near the Casino and especially on the banks of the lake where we recommend that you treat yourself to a boat trip (pedal boat or motor boat).

If after this good dose of Nature outing you need a little rest, you can reach the Manor going completely around the Lake by following the signs.

An activity not to be missed when you come to Gérardmer!